Due to page count, the appendix was not published with the Home Staging for Dummies first edition. Your welcome to download this chapter of resources.

Thanks for their cleaning, painting and other staging tips:

Karen McMillian, CSP

Delaine Fox, CSP

Glenda James, CSP

Martha Stanton-Smith, CSP

Heidi Kachel, CSP

Gina McNew, CSP

Showcased work within...

Throughout the Home Staging For Dummies book, you will find home staging work showcased by successful certified staging professionals in the industry.

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Annie Caya
Oakville, ON
HD Staging

Darren Brand
Durham, ON
Designed to Sell

Geri Zalitach
Winnipeg, MB

Jackson West
Vancouver, BC

Jennifer Teeple
Toronto, ON

Joanne O'Donnell
San Diego, CA

Kimberly Stowe
Kelowna, BC

Kym Hough
Danville, CA
Staged to Sell

Lisa Dickson
Brookfield, OH
Decorating in a Day

Louise Short
London, ON
A First Impression

Lynelle Hartman and Liegh Hagen
Minneapolis, MN

Nairn Friemann
New York, NY
Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc.

TerryLynn Fisher
Walnut Creek, CA

Susan Crema-Martin
Sharon, ON
Martin Designs