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Christine Rae



Words..from Christine

Many people have encouraged me to write a book about everything I know about staging; that would be so difficult because everything I know would change before the book would be in print.

What I know for sure is that if you aren’t changing and growing your business you are stagnating and dying. That goes for the real estate industry as well.

Home staging or property presentation as I prefer to call it, has changed the way real estate is sold. The early adopters are reaping the benefit of honing the marketing edge they gained by incorporating the process into their marketing. They know the winds of change have caused a paradigm shift in both the real estate and staging industries.

The economy and the TV blitz of real estate shows have certainly helped raise the consciousness of the consumer to the existence and value of staging to home buyers, sellers, builders, real estate investors, relocation companies and a whole host of related service industries. This increased awareness has raised demand for people to do the staging work and as a result of that, there is a never ending quest to demystify staging and how it is accomplished. How does something which seems so simple (but isn’t) have such a dramatic affect on the sale of a property.

As someone who owns a company which specializes in teaching people how to build successful staging businesses I am fortunate to have the opportunity to accrue vast knowledge from across North America and Europe, about what works and doesn’t work in the staging business. I have a network of experts from all industries who share their knowledge about sales, marketing, communications, and decorating which I use to forecast trends in the staging industry; I am also very blessed to have as instructors, an amazing group of very talented successful staging business owners, who freely share their experiences with CSP™.

The reason I agreed to write this book was to continue to raise awareness for the staging industry to anyone who is involved in the process of selling property. I would love to affect the collective consciousness to a level of understanding so that no property is ever sold without the process of staging preferably with a professionally trained home stager. The book includes information regarding what to consider when preparing a property for market; what staging is, how it benefits a home seller and a home buyer, a real estate agent, investor and professional stagers.

If you have an existing staging business or are new to the industry this book is definitely for you too. I encourage you to read the book then provide additional copies to your real estate agents to thoroughly educate them on how to pre-sell the staging process to the home seller. The more they read and understand what and why staging is a key marketing tool, the more entrenched in the process of selling real estate staging will become.