Home Staging For Dummies By Christine Rae and Jan Saunders Maresh

338 Pages, includes:
8 full-color pages of before-and-after photos

"For anyone interested in learning the inns and outs of how to stage a home, Christine Rae's 'Staging for Dummies' is the most up to date and comprehensive guide available. It is factual, easy to understand, and applicable to many the facets of the home staging industry...not to mention highly entertaining. For the novice or the seasoned expert, this book is a must have. I couldn't recommend it more highly!".
~ Ann Maurice, TVs House Doctor




With my many years in the Real Estate Industry, reading "Home Staging for Dummies" was a refreshing and easy read. This is a MUST read for anyone interested in selling or investing in real estate. I much enjoyed the ease and layout, along with the photo examples. This is an essential resource for all those considering to sell their property and for those investing and expecting great appraisals. Depersonalizing a home may seem difficult, but as explained in this book, will help you achieve your ultimate goal of selling. Understanding the potential buyers is key to any successful sale. Many resources offered throughout to help the reader further. For all our realtor clients, may I suggest you offer a copy of this book to your sellers, after reading it yourself you will totally understand the value. Thank you to authors Christine and Jan for sharing their knowledge and experience, this will certainly be a resource I will endorse.

Michelle Sharpe, Director of Canada, Obeo


Thank you for writing this book. I told myself I would read this book before embarking on a home staging career. As a decorator I thought to myself, "What is this book going to tell me that I don't kind of already know". "How would I sell de-cluttering to some one that isn't particularly cluttered?" "Not everyone has bad furniture". I was so pleasantly surprised at how wrong I was and how scientific it is and that there are standards to be met and value to be added to all sellers. Your book (from the library, hope I can buy it from Amazon) gives me a reason to seek more knowledge and become certified. I'm so glad that good home staging isn't something that you could just "wing" if you thought you were a decent decorator. Thank you Christine; for changing my life by giving a field that I'm interested in such dignity.

Lara Wilson, Baltimore, MD


Book Review: Home Staging For Dummies

Home Staging for Dummies is a comprehensive, easy-to-read and witty book that deserves to be in the hands of every home seller and Realtor. The authors empower the reader with straight-forward instructions on the different approaches and options for do-it-yourself home staging and preparing a home for sale. From color selection to curb appeal to eco staging ideas, Home Staging for Dummies is clearly written, logically structured, and each section is packed with helpful suggestions, many of which can be done immediately. Should you decide to try home staging yourself, this is your one-stop guide to maximizing your home sale.

Jessica Gopalakrishnan, Marketing Director, Online Real Estate, www.HomeGain.com
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“Home Staging for Dummies” is a brilliantly written guide which explains the benefits of home staging in addition to giving real solutions to homeowners who are embarking on the process of selling property.
This practical guide is so easy to read and understand that you will be able to apply the principals on your own; or if you don’t have the time or the creativity to do it the book provides you with every resource needed, in order to get the professional assistance to get the job done.
The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) is proud to FULLY endorse Home Staging for Dummies.
~ Shell Brodnax, President/CEO Real Estate Staging Association


The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) was formed in order to support all professional real estate stagers in North America regardless of their training, cerftifications, designations, backgrounds or training. RESA is a portal to the staging industry and is a source of education and business tools focusing on the needs of stagers. Members have access to up to date information relative to the staging industry, marketing support services and access to continuing education providers. 


"If there's anything about home staging that isn't included in this book, I don't know what it is." Jim Adair of REM Magazine, Independent news and opinion for Canada's real estate industry.


REM is Canada's premier busines publication for the real estate industry. Every month, real estate agents and brokers read REM for news, trends, marketing techniques, new products, books, listing tools, professional development and more...

Jim Adair is editor of REM: Canada's Real Estate Magazine, a business publication for real estate agents and brokers. He is also consulting editor of Homes & Cottages, Canada's largest building and renovation magazine. Email jimhc@pathcom.com.